Catharsis Application Program

Psycho Emotional Therapy

CAP Methodology

Rapid Resolution:

A Winning Combination for Expression

The triad of the therapist - artistic creation – patient

is re-inventing the path to resolution and recovery.

The Catharsis Application Program is

a structured 12-week program,

triggering movement in an emotion-based methodology,

plus a final assessment.

0. Restoring Emotional Balance

This powerful restorative tool helps patient safely explore  their emotions and feelings, utilizing music that triggers and encourages the graphic expression of fears, conflicts, and repressed emotions and feelings for a real liberation and healing process.


The therapeutic approach is non-confrontational and non-threatening.

It addresses the source of an individual’s core issues without the need for conscious exploration of the past. Clients who want to restore a state of emotional balance but are reluctant to psychotherapy or conventional analysis or any form of talk therapy enjoy this process.


I. Access to Symbolization

When encountering the blank canvass of the drawing paper, the person becomes like a theater director who is exploring some aspect of his or her own history. The paper becomes the background for their story. They are in charge of the characters, the scene, and lighting, expressing their personal, philosophical, and social life view, as would a playwright.


II. Organizational Skills

The 12-week commitment provides regularity, structure and self-discipline, which are qualities that, when developed, have positive consequences in everyday life.


III. Creativity

The music helps individuals to reach their core creativity.


IV. Self-Control

While drawing, patients are able to freely express their emotions on the sheet of paper. At other times during the session they are asked to remain quiet, focused, attentive and vigilant.


V. Attention

Instinctively, drawing or painting while listening to music mobilizes different parts of the brain supporting a focus and concentrated behavior. This is an effortless way to address deficit attention disorder often find in patients with PTSD.


VI. De-stress Activity

The creative environment is non-threatening, non-discriminatory and facilitates a calm demeanor.


VII. Communication and Socialization

When facilitated in group setting, the process eases the relation between participants. It creates a team spirit and rebuilds trust and confidence in one another.

A very beneficial alliance between patients and therapist is created. Patients are naturally reengaged in the world of relationships.


VIII. Motivation and Accountability

The patients are the key performer of their therapy. They create the drawings/paintings and writings that with the help of a trusted professional can be decoded.


This translation can be a crucial moment in therapy. It will reveal what was inexpressible before. Patients are deeply involved in the therapeutic process and feel understood. Their artwork, arising from deep within themselves, becomes the core of the therapeutic process.


IX. Safety

As patients artistically reveal only what they can currently handle the process is safe and respectful of each evolutionary path. It also reassures therapists that patients will not be subjected to the memory of traumatic experiences pre-maturely.


X. Self-Esteem

By depicting their inner life, one discovers new strength, new potentialities and gain the energy to reinvent their life.

CAP is re-inventing mental health.

It harnesses a unique combination of tools bringing them

together for a deep emotional work and

a more rapid approach to cognitive and behavioral therapy.



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A program which weaves art & music into a unique and unprecedented therapeutic intervention.

A very structured methodology for accurately assessing the nature of a problem and for monitoring treatment progress.

A groundbreaking artistic mediation which addresses deep emotional core issues unobtrusively

and can overcome clients resistance to change.




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When therapists choose to use the CAP methodology that combines drawing under musical induction, writing and verbalization, they provide their clients with a very efficient tool to become active participants in their own treatment and thus facilitate self-discovery, change, and restoration.


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