Catharsis Application Program

Psycho Emotional Therapy

Philosophy of CAP

CAP is a methodology based on a strong ethical and human value. The development of CAP was created by thorough observation of thousands of clients under various conditions. There are verified theoretical meanings for every detail of the

CAP protocol.  For the program to be successful, it is very important to respect theses procedures.


The founder’s scientific & academic training prompted them, right from the beginning, to insist on the most rigorous research standards during the development of the program. According to them, this would be the only way to be able to one day validate the results and to be able to reproduce the condition of the methodology.


The program founders ascribed to the humanistic medical philosophy, based on the respect and dignity of the individual. They were constantly looking for new approaches that could relieve human suffering, whether psychological or physical. This idea of humanistic medicine, embraces the concept of health as a balanced interdependence of body, emotion, mind, and spirit. We recognize personal challenges provide an opportunity for personal growth. This ideology is an important viewpoint emphasized to the professionals trained in the program.


CAP facilitators are trained to follow program guidelines and develop collegial peer relationships to offer exceptional service to their clients. This ethical conduct will ensure that CAP maintains a reputation for sound professional principles and values that are directly in line with the company mission.

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A program which weaves art & music into a unique and unprecedented therapeutic intervention.

A very structured methodology for accurately assessing the nature of a problem and for monitoring treatment progress.

A groundbreaking artistic mediation which addresses deep emotional core issues unobtrusively

and can overcome clients resistance to change.




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When therapists choose to use the CAP methodology that combines drawing under musical induction, writing and verbalization, they provide their clients with a very efficient tool to become active participants in their own treatment and thus facilitate self-discovery, change, and restoration.


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